Monday, 11 May 2015

Nothing's Changed

I swear that this will be on my gravestone when i die,

‘Here lies the Proud Salopian. Nothing’s Changed,Late as always’

Nothing’s changed, the mantra of every software developer that has ever coded anything which made it outside their bedroom.

It was a conversation with one of my bosses that started this blog off. I was having issues with a web project that had suddenly stopped working and was talking about my epitaph when he remarked that it was a phrase that wound him up as that whenever non technical people used this phrase it would normally turn out that something had changed! I know what he means, Calls to the help-desk are a constant reminder that things change all the time its just that most of the time the user has discounted them as they have no knowledge of how a thing works or they cannot see a connection between two pieces of software. The truth is inside the average operating system environment, things change all the time. Files are being written constantly, logs made, optimisations applied and decisions are made on your behalf. Generally, the user has accepted these changes and when they say that nothing has changed they just don’t remember the day by day events that have shaped the eco-system of their digital working environment.

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Lead Developer and Team Leader, DSCallards

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