Thursday, 7 May 2015

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So Mr Salopian… How are things going with this ‘No Comment’ policy. Well, says I (looking to the sky and wishing on the long dead bones of Darwin that I actually believed in some higher being) good and bad. I’m not really struggling myself with the concept but I DO struggle with legacy code that is unclear in its intent. Yes, You find me still still battling with the demons of Dicom and converting our Leadtools v14.5 application to the latest and greatest version and in the process coming across some…. challenges. I’m not going to bitch about the parentage of the person who wrote the code or suggest that they should be prevented from accessing a computer ever again or anything like that. The truth is, I worked closely with the guy for about ten years and we had a great working relationship with a lot of mutual respect. We could both rely on each other in a jam and could step in and out of each others code without scratching heads too much.

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Lead Developer and Team Leader, Developer Solutions

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