Thursday, 7 May 2015

Conditional Love

Continuing with my work on converting a legacy application from Leadtools Medical v14.5 to Leadtools Medical Suite v 19 I came across the following annoyance which I felt compelled to share. One of the issues with moving a fairly complex and large application from one series of libraries to another just how you go about breaking things. Any fool can rush in deleting reams and reams of code and replacing the old libraries with the new libraries and then writing thousands of lines of new code only to find that the intent of the application is now not right and it is no longer functioning as was intended. Yes, user testing will pick this up but user testing is to make sure a product is ready for release, and NOT an extension of development.Unit testing will pick up some issues but in general the bugs will be many fold and extremely subtle, especially in already complex software. The key to migrating a functioning LOB application from one library set to another is thus breaking things slowly and in a controlled manner (much as I love the ‘Move Fast and Break things’ approach of Facebook which is fine and dandy if you are the client and accept the risks, generally they dont!).

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Lead Developer and Team Leader, Developer Solutions

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