Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bring Out 'Yer' Dead!

For any Python fans out there you’ll be well aware of the ‘Bring out yer Dead’ scene from the Holy Grail film and this particular blog draws heavily on that sketch for its inspiration. For anyone not familiar with the genius that is Monty Python the scene shows London in around 1665, the populace gripped in the full throes of bubonic plague. Eric Idle is pushing a death cart through the streets yelling ‘Bring out yer dead’. A few residents dump their less fortunate relatives onto the pile of now deceased bodies before John Cleese tries to offload his very much alive grandfather for the full ninepence. Despite the remonstrations from the clearly far from dead old man they eventually come to an agreement, knocking the old man unconscious into the bargain. Nobody expects corpses to have so much to say.

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Developer Solutions

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